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Name Skillz is a unique app that provides you with a step by step guide to some of the most effective memorization techniques out there today. Once you master these techniques, you'll never be at a loss for someone's name ever again.

One of the keys to Name Skillz is its simplified graphics interface. Through the use of easy to understand diagrams and vector drawings, you gain access to clear, concise steps that make this tool one of the most informative methods with tips and techniques to improve your name remembering skills.

In order to cement these habits into your routine, there are plenty of exercises to practice right from inside the app. For example, there are tips where you learn to associate women's and men's names to everyday objects. Say you want to remember that you met a woman whose name is Lisa; according to Name Skillz the best way to achieve that is by thinking of the Mona Lisa and associating the famous painting with the woman you just met.

Name Skillz is an educational app that's fully featured design will definitely help you if you're struggling to remember tons of names due to the huge amount of people you're meeting. Follow along to the steps provided in its manual, finish all the test and practice the exercises in order to fully master this highly useful skill based on associative memory techniques.
By Erika Okumura
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